Thursday, October 6, 2011

Doctor Visit #1

Today, we went to our first doctor's appointment! 

We are thrilled (and very, very lucky!) to have a family friend, Dr. Susan Mendelsohn, as our physician. Susan is an incredible OB/GYN who hails from New Jersey. I particularly love this fact because people from New Jersey are physically unable to beat around the bush. Susan most certainly fits this stereotype and I find it insanely comforting. 

The visit started with a tiny plastic cup. One that I peed in. I'll be peeing in a similar cup at the start of each visit (yay!). Then, I was weighed. Following, I had several vials of blood drawn. After my round of pee cup, scale and needle poking, we got to the good stuff: the ultrasound!

And what a moment it was. There we were: in a dark room with a TV monitor and the most amazing picture of our baby. Though just a centimeter in length, it looked big enough to hold. The technician let us sit there for several minutes enjoying the site of Baby Suarez.  Then, she pointed out a fluttering microscopic spec and said "this is your baby's heart, can you see it beating?" The spec flurried rapidly, over and over.  Next, she turned on the volume. I've never heard such a beautiful sound. Actually, I've never heard a more comforting sound. How amazing conception is - a centimeter long mass the size of a blueberry has this strong, forceful heartbeat twice the pace of mine - and I'm able to see and hear it at the same moment. 

The technician printed out several photos of Baby Suarez's debut. One is now in tucked nicely into my purse so Baby goes everywhere I go, and the rest live on our refrigerator. We're very proud of our blueberry.

All of the images pretty much look the same since Baby Suarez is only a spec, but as an early proud mother, I had to post all of them!

Interestingly, I calculated myself at 8 weeks along prior to this visit. Turns out, Mr. Machine calculated me at 7 weeks. Technology trumps basic math, so we'll spend another week with blueberry until it becomes a kidney bean. 

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