Thursday, November 24, 2011

Doctor Visit #4

Today was our fourth visit to our OB/GYN, Dr. Mendelsohn. Our appointment consisted of a physical exam (on me, not Michael), an ultrasound and part 1 of a sequential screener (an elective test).

Today's ultrasound was incredible! Because it has been 7 weeks since our last one, I hadn't realized how much Baby Suarez has developed. What was once a 1cm size spec now has arms and legs and feet and cute little ears!  Getting the shots below, however, was not so easy. Baby Suarez wasn't much for cooperating and the technician had to pull a few tricks to snap some good ones. Our appointment ran a little long, but neither of us complained... it just meant we got to spend a little more time staring at our baby girl or boy!

{P.S., no my name is not Randi Stewart... the technician forgot to change the name on the machine before my ultrasound started!}

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