Thursday, December 22, 2011

Doctor Visit #5

Today, we had our 5th visit with Dr. Mendelsohn. I must say, I absolutely love seeing my doctor.... I'm really getting used to the special treatment I receive each time. Take today, for example. I wasn't scheduled to get an ultrasound, but all of a sudden an entourage of nurses and technicians quickly swept me away into the imaging room and within minutes Michael and I were viewing our baby at 18 weeks. It was amazing. With every ultrasound we have my heart doubles in size.

This week, Baby Suarez was extremely active. He/she moved around so much it was almost difficult to focus on all the amazing developments since our last ultrasound a month ago. Incidentally, this turned out to be a good thing because Michael was so focused on trying to spot a little "something", had it not been for the rapid movements he might just have figured it out. Fortunately, he was unsuccessful in his evaluation.

Here are some images from our ultrasound. I particularly love the one where Baby Suarez is blowing bubbles, or what I like to think of as little kisses to mommy :) There are a few 4D images as well, which kinda freak me out, so I asked for them to be kept at a minimum.

Our next appointment will be on January 5th and we'll have our 20 week screener - a more invasive ultrasound in which the technicians and doctors evaluate Baby Suarez's brain, heart and organs in depth. Our families will be present for this one, which will be very exiting for them!

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