Thursday, December 8, 2011

To Gender or Not to Gender...

Seems Mr. Suarez and I are in a bit of a pickle. While he has been dying since before conception to find out the sex of our bun in the oven, I on the other had am not. I live for the element of surprise, he does not. He wants to plan and paint and decorate (go figure), and I gently remind him that cave people did not get to find out the sex of their offsprings... you see where I'm going. Plus, Michael is really amped on having a gender revealing party, which in any other instance I would be overly ecstatic about; however, I'm trying not to get wrapped up in the idea of a party quiet yet.

That said, I decided to weigh both options.

  • Easier planning and preparing
  • Fun to paint and decorate the nursery in gender-specific tones
  • Only have to worry about narrowing down one list of names instead of two
  • Will have a short answer and not a lengthy explanation when people ask what I'm having
  • Probably get more presents :) 
  • More time in Baby Gap
  • Element of surprise at birth / keep everyone guessing
  • Ability to get creative with nursery (and registry)
  • Don't get attached to one gender or the other (less disappointment)
  • What's done is done - can't change what we're having
  • A sense of wonder each and every day
  • Less time at Baby Gap
So, where did we end up? In the same silly pickle. The earliest we will find out the gender will be at our 20 week appointment in early January so we still have some time to decide who's right - Mommy (of course) or Daddy (not likely).  Stay tuned!

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