Friday, February 17, 2012

Doctor Visit #7

Today Baby Suarez and I headed to Saddleback Memorial for our seventh visit with Dr. Mendelsohn. Actually, this is more like visit number fourteen... considered a "high-risk" pregnancy, I receive a cervical screening every two weeks, which means I have essentially had 10 times the amount of pap smears a normal woman would have in one year. Yay! That said, I see Dr. Mendelsohn once a month to review the results of my screenings and to check in on Baby.

This week's visit was pretty interesting. Come to find out, I haven't gained any weight in over a month! (Turns out, scales at doctor offices are much more accurate than the one in my work's communal restroom). Dr. Susan says not to be concerned, but that I need to start putting on some weight soon.

I've also recently come down with a pretty bad cold so I haven't been feeling up to par. It just started a few days ago and I'm suffering from a nasty cough and major congestion. Hopefully it will be gone in just a few days.

Other than that, Baby Suarez is looking great! We'll be taking our hospital tour soon and attending our pre-birth classes in the month of March.

I still can't believe how fast it is going! Soon we'll be finding out whether Baby Suarez is a boy or girl! I'm so nervous/anxious/excited all at once!

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