Friday, April 13, 2012

Doctor Visit #11

Today was our 11th visit to Dr. Mendelsohn. Baby Girl Suarez is doing great and is still on track for her May 23rd due date. Her head was facing down at the time (a sign she's getting close to being ready), but with all of her movement lately, she probably won't stay in that position. As of now, I'm about 3 weeks out of being full term and am getting very nervous and anxious.

On another note, I did get in a little trouble for working so much. Lately, I've been putting in about 11-12 hour days several days a week. On top of that, I've been driving myself crazy trying to finish the nursery. Turns out, all this work was the culprit of the extreme abdominal pain that started on Wednesday night. I've now been given strict instructions to only work 8 hours a day or I will not be able to work up until my due date.

My next ultra sound will be on April 27th... Daddy's birthday :)

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